New Moon July, 2015 and opportunities for you

New Moon and the opportunities it brings into your life

New Moon appears when the Moon and the Sun are in close conjunction (closely together at the same degree of the zodiac).

At the time when New Moon occurs, you couldn't see the Moon in the sky.

This week is quite challenging, and many bad things could happen.

The negative energy is very strong and things you begin in this week might not be as successful as they could be if you could wait to start them within just a few days.

After New Moon start something new

Time after New Moon is great opportunity for beginnings.

I suggest you don't start anything today. It would be better for you if you could wait a few days for a new beginning.

The best times to start are when you could observe a growing moon in the sky. The stress and rush will slowly withdraw, and you will be able to see situations clearly.

If you need to do something or make an important decision, this new moon will have a very positive effect on your life.

I recommend you to start slowly next week. Just let things happen step by step and with confidence for the future success.

The most important opportunities after New Moon

I would like to point out about some very important influences that will occur next week (Tuesday to Thursday).

During this time, you will feel the trine between Sun and Mercury to Saturn, and Mercury and Sun's entry in the sign of Leo.

After that, the Mercury and the Sun will perform a conjunction.

Time will be very beneficial for long-term plans, for business affairs, communication, and arrangements that will be in your favor.

It's possible to miss the interests of other people.

Just make sure you won't forget about other people's wishes and plans because this can bring some difficulties for you later.

You can expect I will tell you more about your Astrology Quick Start Challenge when those rewarding influences from the sky happen.

I wish you a very successful week ahead!

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