Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto retrograde

By Irena Stopar / April 28, 2016
Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto retrograde

Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto retrograde 

I hope that you used to the Mercury retrograde a few times every year. This year, it's the second time when Mercury turned into the so-called wrong direction.

You can observe a unique or not often seen situation. There is 5 planets retrograde in the sky right now. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are retrograde, too.

Have you ever heard that Mercury and Mars are personal planets? It means that they influence your everyday life. They touch everything connected to their rulership

Less important for your personal life seems retrograde Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Their primary task is to influence to society and worldwide events.

With one exception. When they are in aspect with your personal planets, you should feel their power.

Mercury turned retrograde on April, 28th at the 23° Taurus. It will stay retrograde until May, 22nd and will go directly at the 14° Taurus.

When you think about retrograde planets, they actually are not retrograde when they travel around the Sun.

When you observe the planets from the Earth, it seems like they are going retroactive. The heck is that they influence your life as strong as they would if they'd stop and move retrograde in the sky.

Mercury retrograde

Let's talk about Mercury. Shortly, I would like to point out to the things that are its rulership. The most important are communication, traffic, shopping, sales, motion and making decisions.

Now, when Mercury is retrograde, it can bring you hard times on any or all of the mentions above. It's not a good time to do anything new at present. People are easily distracted. Someone is perhaps listening to you, but you can find out that he or she doesn't hear you.

When you hear something, you might misunderstand the meaning of the words. When you speak you can feel like none understand what you say.

I have to warn you about the traffic. Be patient while you're driving. You can note more accidents, traffic jams, and inattention. I heard some people saying they don't remember how they get from place A to place B. Now; it could happen to you.

When Mercury is retrograde, it's not the best time to buy new cars or electronic devices because they tend to break down more often than if you'd buy them at Mercury's direct motion.

Yes, you might need something new right now. If you do, you probably won't be able to avoid buying the thing right now. Take into consideration the guarantee and keep it safe if you buy something new now.

​Retrograde planets - Slow down

In the sky, a half of the planets are retrograde. When the planets are retrograde or slow, don't expect to be happy or successful quick. You need to slow down, too.

Remember your past. If you need to review something, do it now. Did you want to do something but you were running out of energy? That's the great thing to deal with again.

The best thing for Mercury retrograde is to deal with the old stuff. Think about those that need just a little touch from you. Finish them.

Don't start new projects and new ideas. Just finish the rough ones. If you must learn something, do it now. It will be a plenty of time to start something new after Mercury goes direct again.

​Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto retrograde

Other planets increase the Mercury's retrograde influence. Mars is a ruler of energy and strength. When it's retrograde, you lack energy and ability to do something efficiently.

Jupiter brings success into your life. Jupiter retrograde will delay the pleasure and will not support your endeavours.

Saturn is like a wall that you need to climb if you want to find your treasure. You don't get enough support for your new ideas now. It will take you longer to succeed than it would if you wait for new projects for at least a month.

Pluto is a ruler of the transformation. It pushes your energy into the discovery of your dark intentions. It can uncover your big why. If you didn't set up the right foundations, it should show you what is broken. You'll get a clear answer how to fix it.

Please, don't think that retrograde planets are mean, and they want to hurt you. It's not a correct mindset about them. They just show you what lies deep inside you.

If you slow down, you can find surprisingly clear answers about yourself and your life. When you get to know you better, you can change something and become happier and more successful soon.

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