Lunar Eclipse in March 2016

Lunar and Solar eclipse

Lunar and Solar Eclipse in March 2016

In astrology eclipses are important because they indicate important milestones in your life.

Often they take something from your life. They point to those things that are redundant, and they don't bring happiness for you. As a rule, they bring to the forefront the events or situations that make you angry, sad or disappointed.

To discover the potentials Lunar Eclipse can bring into your life, watch the planets from the eclipse chart in close conjunction to your birth horoscope. Sun and Moon are the most important ones.

They point out to the matters where you need to change something. Don't fake it and don't pretend everything is fine. You can become even more unsatisfied or unhappy if you try to ignore the power of the eclipse.

Lunar and Solar Eclipses Bring Opportunities For You

Now, you have an excellent opportunity to recognize what necessary need a change. You can take your life into control.

Think about what is happening to you. Let the anxiety go. If something doesn't bring you joy or meaning to your life, just let it go. It's a splendid time to replace it with a better solution.

You won't feel just the influence of the Moon and the Sun from the eclipse chart. You will feel other planets energy, too. Especially when they form any close aspect to your birth chart.

Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse occurred on March, 9th at 18° Pisces. This Solar Eclipse showed you the important part of your life that require your attention. You need to finish something before you can expect improvement on this part of your life.

Solar Eclipse might bring you a lot of frustration and disappointment. Its purpose is to show you the exact part of your life where you are not satisfied.

Beyond the limitations and disappointments, it forces you to look at yourself and your circumstances more clearly. You must be completely honest with yourself otherwise you won't recognise that there is something unsolved in your life.

Answer following questions

I have a few important questions for you. Answer them and you'll get clear on your current situation. You'll quickly find solutions for improvement.

»What makes you despair?«

»What limit you?«

»Are you aware of your limiting beliefs?«

«What makes you face the failure?«

»What causes the feeling that there will never be any better life for you?«

If you are among those people who feel the strong influence of solar eclipse, please take some time alone and think about what is really going on.

The situation is almost never as dark as it may seem at the moment. There is always a solution.

Right now, you are still accumulating negative influences. You can think you can't do anything good right now. You can even feel helpless. Remember; it's just a feeling.

When you rise above the situation and look at it comfortably, you'll find a new and brighter way towards your goals and happiness.

Lunar Eclipse

On Wednesday, March, 23rd 2016 you will be faced with the influence of Lunar Eclipse. The Sun will arrive at 3° Aries and the Moon at 3° Libra. This Lunar Eclipse will be the last one in the Aries – Libra series.

Right now, this Eclipse will force you focusing on relationships. It's the last time in this eclipse series to give you an opportunity and show you how you can deepen your bond between you and your partner. You can expect to feel the influence in any other relationships, too.

In particular, this Lunar Eclipse is important for you if you were born in the early days of the astrological signs of Aries or Libra. You would feel it strong even if you were born in the early days of Cancer or Capricorn.

The solar eclipse will bring you a chance to solve the differences between you and your partner. If there is anything you are not satisfied with, you will receive an opportunity to change it.

If you're happy, in love and supportive, you will have the opportunity to deepen the relationship on an entirely new level.

The bond between Lunar and Solar Eclipse

Watching the two eclipses, even if they occur in entirely different astrology signs, I can see the similarity and connection between them.

The Solar Eclipse points out to the uncertainty that can lead to health and mental problems. The Lunar Eclipse, however, makes you aware of your relationships. In fact, they are closely linked together.

You don't want to lose a healthy mind and a healthy body now. You need them to be able to achieve everything that daily circumstances require from you.

You must be in harmony with yourself and with other people to get your work done. You need balance and peace to support your partner and your family needs.

Be aware that the most successful people make great relationships. They have loyal allies, standing by their side in every situation.

When everything is going well, they share the kindness with others. When whatever is bothering them, they can count on their family and friends to help them solve the riddle.

You can have that kind of support, too. Just be honest with yourself and find a partner or a community that supports you and your desires.

How strong do you feel eclipses and their influence? Do you have an accurate method to overcome their impact on your life? Do you accept them as a guide to brighter future? Feel free to leave the comment.

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