Easter and Lunar Eclipse April 2015

Easter and Lunar Eclipse April 2015

Easter is one of the most important Christian holidays. Easter represents the victory of light over darkness. It brings new hope for a better life.

This year, Easter will be illuminated by the influence of the Lunar Eclipse April 2015. It will happen on April, 4th at 14°24' of Aries and Libra.

Lunar Eclipse April 2015 and social changes

The Sun will appear in close conjunction with Uranus, the planet that represents awakening and a new life direction.

On the social level Uranus rules to the Government, rebels, innovators, astrologers and other advanced minded people. We can connect Uranus with politics, too. Politicians are considered as Uranus people when they make decisions for a more humane and fairer social order.

Pluto, ruler of the underworld, will square this Lunar Eclipse. Pluto could bring lots of stress to relationships and society. Its mission is to show anomalies and injustices from the past years.

We can expect lots of stormy developments in society. Something unjust is going to die so we can build a better world. It's time to take a deep breathe again and start believe in a brighter future. So keep your head up!

Lunar Eclipse April 2015 and relationships

On a personal level, you can expect some changes, too. This Lunar Eclipse will bring the past experiences into your life. I recommend you not to stay trapped in those feelings too long because they can bring depression.

On the other hand, this is a great opportunity for you to resolve, change or finish something what bothers you. I recommend you to go back in time. Think about things happened to you since October 2014.

If you were dealing with your partnership in that time, this Lunar Eclipse could bring you understanding about it. You can deepen the relationship with your partner. On the other hand, you can respect you will have to deal with misunderstanding and ignoring the real situation.

You could feel like a victim or decide you don’t want to hear about your partnership anymore. Don’t wait your partner make a step further. You both should make an effort if you want this partnership to grow.

If you feel this Lunar Eclipse’s influence as very strong, you can become angry and frustrated. Be aware of those feelings and avoid revenge. Please, be careful and try not to cause the pain to another person in this time.

Don’t give up!

This Lunar Eclipse April 2015 can bring lots of destructive energy to your life. You can feel like you must avoid conversation. Your partner or other people can hurt you.

They can bring pain to your life, and you can feel like they don’t hear you or even don’t see you. You can lose self-confidence. Whenever you think the other person does not support you, you may feel completely powerless.

Don’t give up! My practice shows you can use this great power of Lunar Eclipse for all good things in your life. I advise you to start searching for solutions. Avoid troubles and be aware of your feelings and reactions.

If you are still reading this article, this can be a strong indicator you are searching for solutions. You didn’t give up yet, and you shouldn’t do it now.

Your dawn is coming

Whatever you feel, don't deny it. Accept the fact Lunar Eclipse April 2015 has a very important mission for you. It requires a look into the mirror. Ask yourself about your values. Think about your future. How would you like to spend the rest of your days?

It’s much easier to make necessary changes when you know what you want to achieve. This time it’s something similar to looking at the night without the Moon or stars shining from the sky. You can’t see anything. At dawn, you can clearly see what was hidden from you just a few hours ago. Your dawn is coming. Wait for it!

It’s not just time of Lunar Eclipse April 2015. It’s Easter and should be a great time for you, for your partner and your family. Show them how nice and gentle you can be. Your main task is to stay strong. Overcome fear, anger, and frustration. Become as happy as you can be.

I wish you Happy Easter and lots of pleasant days.

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