You simply love challenges and action. Never afraid to start new project and trying new, fresh things, you simply can't understand why other people aren't more like you are. You are willing to break the rules and bring fresh things to life.

You are spontaneous and never think about the consequences of your action. You simply believe in yourself and in positive income of everything you are passionate about. This is why you tend to overlook other people's feelings and emotions.

You should learn how to slow down and listen to the others. This can bring more happiness and better relationships in your life. Try it! You could be surprised how good it feels.

Who are you?


Whenever you are looking for the answer about your nature and why is something happening to you, you can find the answer in your birth chart. Let's find what the stars say about You!

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Irena Stopar

I'm astrology teacher, astrologer, Licenced NLP coach, author and mentor who can help you becoming happier and more successful.